Sunday, June 29, 2014


It's getting warmer at night so the bees of Hive1 are bearding out of the entrance to cool off.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

quick check

Hive1, Bees super mellow, plus not so many bees, although I didn't check the brood chamber boxes. Box 4 (super heavy) full of "honey"
Box 3, the 4 frames with wax cells are now PACKED with nectar/honey. The 4 frames that started out as foundation are now starting to get some wax cells built out and where they are built out they're filled with nectar. YAY the mellow summer and continued blooming will be good for our fall honey harvest.

Hive2 is looking good lots of brood and building of comb from the medium frames.
the 2 frames at the east side were still foundation. I moved one to the other side of the hive to center the rest of the frames that contain brood and nectar and pollen.  1 frame of brood looks like it just hatched and will be ready for the queen. Maybe I saw eggs, certainly in several places I found stage 1 and 3 larvae.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

quick check

Hive2 Refed and checked. 4 and a bit sides of brood, a bunch of bees, nectar (sugar soln I assume) and pollen. Looking good. Killed 1 SHB, bees were chasing it, wrapping their legs around it and popping it off the frame. Pretty cool to watch actually.
Hive1 Checked honey supers. Box 4 full (probably mostly sugar soln), Box3 (new last week), each frame that had partial comb built out is now full of nectar! and they are busy building out more comb and filling it. Still seems to be a chill hive.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hive inspection

Hive2 Same as last week, looking good, baby brood and the queen seen. Overall ~2.5 frames with brood, but mostly on the mediums. Hive1 Box3 ~80+% nectar and capped honey. Added a second honey super in position #3 (box3 is now box4). It is medium with half the frames having some built out wax and alternated with frames that are just foundation. Box2 4.5 sides of brood, rest nectar and pollen (some back-filling) Box1 12 sides of brood, rest nectar and pollen Considering last fall, this hive is now very mellow and not aggressive at all. I think the must have re-queened. bees in hive1 back filling bees in hive1 #2 eggs brood