Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hive check

Not much change in 2 weeks did get down into the brood boxes for hive1. Both hives are health and happy, with lots of brood frames.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hive check and boxes added

Went in to check the honey supers in Hive1 as it looked pretty full last Saturday. I rearranged and added a super.
Layers 1 and 2; brood boxes, didn't disturb.
Layer 3, had 8 frames, 4 VERY full of capped honey and 4 just starting to get built out.  Removed 4 mostly empty frames and replaced with 3 new frames (checker boarded) with foundation. This layer now has a little more space with ONLY 7 frames.
Layer 4 (added) medium super with 4 frames slightly built with some honey from layer 3 and 4 new frames with foundation.
Layer 5 still full of honey and damn heavy.

Since I was out and geared up I checked on Hive2, which had had a bunch of bees doing orientation flights early in the afternoon.  The hive is looking fabulous full of brood and honey, except for each frames at the very edges. These are starting to get some cells built.  I added a medium super as Layer 2 checker boarded with the 4 frames unbuilt and 4 frames slightly with some wax cells built from last season.